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This Old House

This Old House

Emmy Award-winning This Old House is television’s premier home improvement series.

America’s first and most trusted home improvement show. Each season two different historic homes are renovated — one step at a time — featuring quality craftsmanship and the latest in modern technology. This Old House demystifies home improvement and provides ideas and information, viagra buy prescription so that whether you are doing it yourself or hiring out contractors, best cialis ailment you’ll know the right way to do things and the right questions to ask.

The show that unlocked America’s passion for home renovation, advice projects are selected in different regions of the country to highlight the variety of American architectural styles and renovation issues.

Hosted by Kevin O’ Connor

Kevin O’Connor worked for Fleet Bank as a Vice President in the Sports Finance Group, then worked for Bank of America as a Senior Vice President in the Commercial Real Estate Group. The producers of This Old House approached him to become their new host following the departure of Steve Thomas. O’Connor and his wife, Kathleen, had appeared on an episode of “Ask This Old House”, in which painting contractor Jim Clark assisted them with a wallpaper-removal project. O’Connor, also the host of “Ask This Old House” and “Inside This Old House”, holds a position on the editorial board of the This Old House magazine, published by This Old House Ventures, Inc. In September 2011, O’Connor debuted as the author of his first book, The Best Homes from This Old House.

This Old House Crew

Norm Abram-Master, Carpenter
Tom Silva-General, Contractor
Richard Tretheway, Plumbing and Heating Expert
Roger Cook, Landscape Contractor

Designated Market Areas
  • Available for viewing in 99% of US TV Households (coverage %).
  • Airs in 201 of the 210 Nielsen local markets, including 148 of the top 150 markets and 99 of the top 100 markets (market penetration).
  • Weekly AA households viewing is 513,000 (average household audience in thousands).
  • There are 115,800,000 TV households in the United States, so 99% of 115,800,000 is 114,642,000 households.

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